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Araba Shrine Potentate Speaks
Your Attention Please

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"Unity With A Purpose "


1982 Paul G. Hay
1983 J. Paul Lauzon
1994 John P. Crew
1999 David W. Richards
2001  "Jerry" Christman
2002 Robert W. Johnson
2006 David  Wheatcroft
2007 Graham A. Stein
2008 Melvin R. Stiles
2009 Ted G. Adams
2010 Edwin W. Cotton
2011 James Wood
2012 Daniel E. Holland
2013 Troy Cail
2014 Charles Bell
2015 Richard Nelson
2016 Ken Herald



"Unity with a Purpose"


Illustrious Sir Harry Crossland



From the Potentate's Desk

Potentates' 1st Lady
Lady Sabrina
Potentate's Goals
"Unity with a Purpose"
Potentate's Cruse Potentate's Pronouncements

My congratulations to this great team of men. It is my pleasure to serve Araba with you.

Lady Pam and I look forward to seeing all of you at our many upcoming events.

Yours in the Faith

Harry Crossland
Araba Shriners 

POTENTATE -  Somebody with power and authority. Somebody with great power or influence, especially a ruler.


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